Who is Živa

Wild mother, wild child: Živa with her son Jonáš

Živa is a mother and self-taught artist with a base in socio-cultural anthropology. She combines her poetic writing with visual art and sometimes adds to it movement.

Through her writing Živa shows how to deepen the connection to the Earth and bring rituals back to modern society (rites of passage, seasonal rituals and those connected to the moon).

Živa’s artwork heals, honors and celebrates womanhood. She is deeply interested in native cultures, mythologies and archetypes. Neverthless most of her inspiration comes from the inside.

The Great Goddess

For Živa, to create is to reach above the boundaries of the rational mind and experience the higher self. The creative process also enables her to enter the realm of the subconscious where she discovers old collective wounds as well as ancient wisdom. Through artistic expression she is able to see it and work with it.

Živa works mainly with watercolour for its organic character and the direct contact with the water-element. Living in the city causes an urge for drawing black lines and focusing more on decorative details.

To see more of Živa’s artwork, please visit: zivazena.eu

In the last seven years Živa has lived in several different countries. Therefore, you can feel in her work imprints of various places – Siberian wildness, Aboriginal and Maori traditions, Celtic and Slavic mythology.

Currently Živa lives with her husband, son and two housemates in Bristol, UK. However her nature-loving soul pulls her out of the city back to the countryside of Czechia where she is originally from. There she intends to live with her family on the land in mountains called Jeseníky.

“I have to create close to the Earth to be fruitful, authentic and alive. To create, to share, to nourish that is my mission.”