The one who greets the Sun and every new day.

The one who walks barefoot and feels the pulsing Earth underneath.

The one with black feet and half-moon of soil under her nails.

The one who puts seeds in the Earth with prayer, waters them with love and harvests the crops while singing thanksgiving songs.

The one who witnesses the Life in everything.

The one who lets her moon-blood leak and fertilise the plants.

The one who buries her placenta in the ground after the birth of her children.

The one who spreads the ashes of her ancestors in the woods.

The one who embraces the life and death cycle.

The one who honours wrinkles and grey hair.

The one who is not scared of aging as she knows its sanctity.

The one who keeps entering the Darkness to find its treasures.

The one who loves nakedness more than any dress, not caring what shape, colour and age is she.

The one who makes love with rivers.

The one who hears the moon calling and walks to the garden in the middle of night to answer the call.

The one who carries the wood to make a fire as a sacred act.

The one who dances herself into ecstasy.

The one who dares to scream in pleasure or pain.

The one who knows the healing power of tears.

The one who wants to feel life in its fullness.

The one who belongs to the Tribe and respects its laws.

Earthwoman is at home on the Earth and needs to be in direct touch with her in order to feel fruitful, fulfilled and alive.


Photos by Jan Vávra


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