THE HEALING OF FEMALE LINEAGE (sample of the female healing cards)

The cardsEarthwoman: Awake The Ancient Power” are here to offer a new model of femininity for western women by revaluing ancient female qualities  in a new context. Intuitive behaviour, spontaneous presence, creativity, sense for beauty, sexuality, pregnancy and mothering, the ability to love and care, sisterhood, connection to the Earth need to be taken as seriously as the values of patriarchal society – the rational mind, progress in society, productivity, power, competitiveness – if we want to live in a healthy, balanced world.

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The destiny of woman is to suffer.

My body remembers.

It remembers suffering and pain that we have gone through with our menstruation, labour, forced sexual intercourse and abusive handling.

It remembers indelicacy and humiliation.

To be a woman is harder than to be a man.

Where are these convictions coming from?

I am going down through my life to my mother’s womb where I feel the delight about the fetus which is inside her.

New life.

I am pure Love and Innocence.

A ask her to bring me to her past experience of femininity to be able to understand and accept her personality how it is now – with all the fights, misunderstandings that happened between us in this life.

She leads me to the womb of her mother – my grandmother.

From there I understand her, from there I forgive her.

Together we go through the life of my grandmother and untangle karmic knots which we encounter.

Finally we find ourself in the womb again – this time in the womb of my great-grandmother.

We plead her to lead us deeper.

Thus we continue further and further down the whole female bloodline.

Our ancestors rejoice with us that the old impurities were uncovered and are cured with the light of Consciousness now.

I don’t haul the karmic heaviness of my kin anymore.

I am ready to experience my own womanhood in a different way – with esteem, tenderness and love.


I am the Middle.

I am Present.

Strength and Tenderness.

A woman who is carrying and is carried.

You, my ancestors, you are my spine which holds me. From you I remember the essential, the base of life.

Through you I am connected with the Earth, origins and past.

There is the solid, consistent on what I can build.

I love you with all that was called old, past, death.

I love you Past in respect for paths which you wore a hole for us.

You, my children, I breast-feed with my care because I have learned to nourish.

You are my pictures and mirrors which I only learn to see.

Because every time here is something new that I haven’t gotten to know yet.

You are nourished by me, fetuses of new worlds, and you are growing further, over my horizons.

I love you with all that I don’t understand yet and maybe I will never understand.

I love you Future with all of what will only happen.

I am Center, Present.

Anchored in time and space.

My power doesn’t originate just from myself but from sources of thousands of those who were here before me

and from thousands of those who will be here after me.

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