Mother Bond

The first haircut as a ritual

In tribal cultures the first haircut has usually a very significant place as a part of the rites of passage. With the hair being cut, the identity of the person is being transformed in an irreversible way – he becomes somebody else and people around him will treat him differently from that moment. Sadly, there is Read More

5_first meeting


We sat with my doula Tara and her partner Mikey at the dinner table. They brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers so in a way it felt like it was already after the birth. “When do you feel the baby will be born?” asked Mikey. “That is the right question. People always ask: when Read More



May new moon night. Night of the first separation with my son after nearly two years since he was born. Night before Beltine and my 30th birthday. Night under the eye of heaven; the round window on the top of yurt in Sheklinah ashram. Night so close to the sacred Tor in Glastonbury where we Read More

15 Vyléčená karma v ženské rodové linii

THE HEALING OF FEMALE LINEAGE (sample of the female healing cards)

The cards “Earthwoman: Awake The Ancient Power” are here to offer a new model of femininity for western women by revaluing ancient female qualities  in a new context. Intuitive behaviour, spontaneous presence, creativity, sense for beauty, sexuality, pregnancy and mothering, the ability to love and care, sisterhood, connection to the Earth need to be taken Read More

MB - crowning and blessing of Živa

MOTHER BLESSING: entering the sacred sphere

 It is dark already but the path in our backyard is lightened with candles. Women who are part of the ritual create a tunnel with their arms for me. Tara, my doula, who has just washed and massaged my feet, is singing with her powerful voice: “I am walking in beauty, beauty in front of Read More

Mother Bond


  My story begins with a word. From childhood the words were my best friends and confidantes. In my journals I was talking with myself to understand, reconnect my inside content and move forward. I wrote poems and stories and articles to share my life-experience with the world. I interrupted the continuity of my existing Read More