GARDEN OF GRATITUDE: creating a sense of belonging through playful work

Why Garden of Gratitude? Because whenever I go there I feel grateful. Grateful for this tiny piece of land where I could explore my relationship to the Earth in the heart of a loud and speedy city. Grateful for sensation of touching the dark rich soil and witnessing the life force coming out of it Read More

15 Vyléčená karma v ženské rodové linii

THE HEALING OF FEMALE LINEAGE (sample of the female healing cards)

The cards “Earthwoman: Awake The Ancient Power” are here to offer a new model of femininity for western women by revaluing ancient female qualities  in a new context. Intuitive behaviour, spontaneous presence, creativity, sense for beauty, sexuality, pregnancy and mothering, the ability to love and care, sisterhood, connection to the Earth need to be taken Read More