15 Vyléčená karma v ženské rodové linii

THE HEALING OF FEMALE LINEAGE (sample of the female healing cards)

The cards “Earthwoman: Awake The Ancient Power” are here to offer a new model of femininity for western women by revaluing ancient female qualities  in a new context. Intuitive behaviour, spontaneous presence, creativity, sense for beauty, sexuality, pregnancy and mothering, the ability to love and care, sisterhood, connection to the Earth need to be taken Read More


ŽIVA: create, share, nourish

I am Živa (pronounced Zheva; in Czech language alive). The Slovan predecessor of Eva who did not know the guilt yet. Živa – the Goddess Mother who carries in her body and soul a lot of what should be born. I have to generate close to the Earth to be fruitful, real and alive. To Read More