Mother Bond

The first haircut as a ritual

In tribal cultures the first haircut has usually a very significant place as a part of the rites of passage. With the hair being cut, the identity of the person is being transformed in an irreversible way – he becomes somebody else and people around him will treat him differently from that moment. Sadly, there is Read More


GARDEN OF GRATITUDE: creating a sense of belonging through playful work

Why Garden of Gratitude? Because whenever I go there I feel grateful. Grateful for this tiny piece of land where I could explore my relationship to the Earth in the heart of a loud and speedy city. Grateful for sensation of touching the dark rich soil and witnessing the life force coming out of it Read More


UPCYCLING STORIES II: Playhouse from recycled materials

We wanted to give our son something special for his second birthday. Something that nobody else will have. Something that one can’t buy. We wanted to invest our energy rather than money. To use our imagination and creativity rather than go for something completed. We took a deep dive in our childhood memories. There was Read More

5_living room

UPCYCLING STORIES I: Furnishing the house from the street

There is a great habit in England to leave old furniture, clothes or even electrical devices in front of the house so passerbys get a chance to have something they might need for free. When my husband and I moved to unfurnished victorian house in St Pauls we decided on an interesting venture: to try Read More

5_first meeting


We sat with my doula Tara and her partner Mikey at the dinner table. They brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers so in a way it felt like it was already after the birth. “When do you feel the baby will be born?” asked Mikey. “That is the right question. People always ask: when Read More



Hands up who thinks that decorating is boring unskilled job! Few years ago my hand would be most likely up too. Especially when I was studying socio-cultural anthropology thinking that training my brain could take my the furthest. Here I am in the middle of the third year of mothering with one foot in art Read More



May new moon night. Night of the first separation with my son after nearly two years since he was born. Night before Beltine and my 30th birthday. Night under the eye of heaven; the round window on the top of yurt in Sheklinah ashram. Night so close to the sacred Tor in Glastonbury where we Read More